9800 gtx and 9800 gtx+ prices after UK release

Well, im still not completely sure what graphics card i am going to buy, at the moment im thinking about the 9800 GTX. My question is when is the UK release date for the 9800 GTX+. The GTX+ on overclockers, you can pre order for 109 pounds. The current price for the normal GTX is 150 pounds plus. Im going to wait for the GTX+ to come out, so that the GTX will go down in price by ALOT (hopefully). How much does everyone think the 9800 GTX will go down to in the UK?

Leadtek GeForce 9800 GTX+ pre-order

Leadtek GeForce 9800 GTX

What do you people reckon about this?
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  1. My guess is that the price on the old card will not come down much below the price of the new one... if that much. Retailers will not want to lose money and sell it below their original cost, and they know that there are a certain number of people out there who will pay a bit more to be able to match their old 9800GTX for SLI. I think this pattern has happened before.

    If both are available, the new one should be the much better buy.
  2. I would buy the new one obviously if it was the same price, but i dont completely need the gtx+ i would go for the gtx even if it was 20 pounds+ less expensive. Anything closer then that and i would go for the gtx+

    So anyone know when the GTX+ is coming out in the UK? This month? or next month :/
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