9600gt low profile..RELEASED


Im going to grab one, :D thoes specs look SICK
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  1. Should be a big help to the SFF PC crowd.
  2. very good for htpc
  3. anyone know where this card can be purchased at?
  4. Yeah, I got 9600GT cooled by the Arctic Accelero S2 in my HTPC.
  5. Looks like not available in the U.S. right now
    might call www.newegg.com and ask about availability
  6. That will turn small form factor HTPC into reasonable gamer.
  7. If this does make it to the US, it would let you get a reasonable HTPC/TV Gaming setup without having to get a case that supports full-size expansion cards. Sounds like a niche card, but a niche that is in dire need of filling, the best low-profile card I've found before this was an 8600GT.
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