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Recently i bought a usb network adapter. After installing all the driver, when i trying to connect to my router, it say no network were found in range. i am sure that the network adapter is not spoil, coz i test it with another com. Before this i was using cable to connect to internet. what happen actually? my motherboard spoil? or i miss some setting?
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  2. help... can someone help me??
    i am planning to buy a new mobo if the problem comes from the mobo.
  3. First, do you have a wireless router?

    If you have a wireless router, is the wireless networking turned on in that router?

    You didn't say what router you have.
  4. Yes, the router is kind of an important part of the equation.
  5. Can you at least provide the brand name and model number of your router? That way it can be determined if you have a wireless router.
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