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Hi, so I've been rolling with air for a couple of years now and wanted to investigate the viability of a WC setup

I'm a University Co-Op student, that means that I have 4 months of school, then 4 months of work and then 4 months of school until the end of Uni, which means I move a heck of a lot and thus, wanted to know the transportability of a WC system.

What I Imagined is that the pump should be able to suck out the water from the system when moving, then the tanks can be simply closed and the fluid be stored with the computer during transport, but that comes my noobie question:

can the pumps suck out the water with a push of the button and some time?

are the tanks that store the coolant able to withstand transport or is that going to be an issue since sealing them would be hard?
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  1. With a WC system, if you do it right, its transportable as-is. It will weight more due to the coolant, but either way, sounds like you are going to be moving it as well?
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    You can never get all the water out. Hoses point up/down and sideways. The waterblocks and radiator also have nooks and crannies. Unless you were to mount it all on a huge piece of wood in a linear fashion, you can't get the water out.

    And filling a loop isn't as easy as pour it in and go, done, it usually takes a few hours to fill and bleed a loop before you can use it.

    Yea, you can watercool and move a basic WC rig. It's a bit heavier but just as durable as any other PC. You could never ship it with liquid in it though, but move by car on a back/front seat? Sure.

    Look through some of these internal WC rigs. You can see what's involved.
  3. ok guess that WC is out, I can travel all the way from Canada to US or China or Europe (some lucky basterd got a blizzard support job in blizzard Europe...........)

    and thats not a car drive away lol
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