Best Bluetooth keyboard and mouse for gaming/htpc rig?

I'm looking to get a bluetooth keyboard and a mouse as well for a gaming / htpc rig.

As far as keyboard goes I'm looking at the logitech dinovo 2 or the bluetooth apple keyboard but despite a lot of reviews, I don't get anything from the gamers perspective(and yes I know gamers primarily use wired but there has to be a few out there)

Also as far as mice are concerned, I'm not sure at all.

I'll be playing WoW, some Crysis, SC2, spore on it and I'll be about 15 - 20 feet away from the lcd, if that helps.

Does anyone have any suggestions for me?
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  1. I recommend this Keyboard and mouse combo (Cordless Desktop® MX™ 5500 Revolution),en

    I have one of these, great for gaming, great for even for making it your own htpc. Not only does it look awesome, it is awesome. I haven't had any problems with this bluetooth combo. I had a Rockfish one that I got from best buy and returned it after 3 days. I should've returned it faster, it was about $70 less, but this one is very much worth it. The Rockfish has some very unstable drivers for Windows Vista 64.

    However this unit doesn't have support for Linux or Mac OS, there isn't much comparison, especially for gaming.

    The Rockfish bluetooth that is sold at Best Buy supports both OS, I heard from the forums that it works great in 32-bit Windows and MAC OS just fine. It is limited in features, and looks fairly nice, but it will do most of your needs for a htpc, but would severely lack in gaming.

    Only trying to give you personal example. I hope this information is helpful to you.
  2. thanks for the response. Is the keyboard bluetooth too? I see that it says the mouse is but it doesn't mention the keyboard
  3. Both of them are. From both Logitech and Rockfish, and they both have theoretic range of 60 feet, and both come with the adapter if your rig doesn't have built in bluetooth. :sol:
  4. yes,Best Bluetooth keyboard and mouse for gaming.
  5. would like to know how this compares to the logitech dinovo and the dinovo edge. i read that the dinovo edge worked with playstation3 and would like to know if this microsoft mx combo is compatible as well. would be great to have dual usage on playstation3 and laptop. thank you

    edit: best of this bunch (or educate me on a better product)

    re-edit: i have seen an MX 5500 and assume its better than the MX 5000 any info would be welcome
  6. I just bought an IMAC and hooked up the Rockfish bluetooth wireless keyboard. It works fine but I need to sync it repeatedly everytime the MAC turns on and type in a six digit number code. How do I set it once and it sync automatically each time.
  7. I actually got a Logitech Bluetooth Cordless Mediaboard Pro (,EN) , partially because it was billed as a PS3 keyboard. True to form, it works as prescribed, and the built-in laptop-like touchpad is actually quite good.

    - it's not as convenient as I thought to try seamlessly switching between ps3 and computer use, as you have to go through deleting/reset/re-adding the bluetooth device each time. found it's easier to just dedicate it to the computer, period.
    - There's no 'Windows' or 'Mac-Control' key, only Ctrl-alt. Curiously, there are keys to mimic left&right mouse-clicks where the windows & Fn keys would normally sit (on the lower left side of the keyboard) so you get 'some' extra functionality.
    - There's no 'PS3' button (the equivalent of the centre clear ps3 button on the normal dualshock controller, or L1-R1 equivalents, so you really can't use it well with the ps3's web browser.
    - glossy finish attracts a bit of dust

    - wireless works as desired, and I've typed from across the room, almost through a bedroom wall.
    - works with AA-batteries, easily rechargeable
    - nice glossy black piano finish matches stereo components and ps3 (fat)

    On a related note, anybody recommend a good bluetooth mouse to match this keyboard? =] sometimes I want to be doing serious work on the PC and the touchpad doesnt cut it.
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