Asus P5Q Pro good for gaming?

So, is the Asus P5Q Pro good for playing games?
I've plan to o/c on it int he future with my e8400 at 3ghz stock.
1)is it good for gaming?
2)is it stable at 3.5ghz or 4ghz e8400?
3)is the temperature cool or hot
I need help on these question.
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  1. 1) All mobos are good for gaming so long as they can run all of your stuff. There will be no measurable difference in frame rate between mobos.

    2) Yes, the P5Q Pro is a great OCing mobo. However, the final clock speed will be determined more by your proc than your mobo.

    3) CPU temps matter the most which also won't be determined by your mobo. So far I have not heard of any complaints about chipset cooling for any Intel chipset mobo.
  2. What is some good compatible ram for the p5q? ok for overclocking and not expensive? what about overclocking with 8 gb?
  3. I use this board. Ive gotten my Q6600 to 3.6ghz @ a tiny bit over 1.4v, dont remmeber the exact number, wasnt over 1.46v though. My proc has a VID of 1.3, and ive been running it @ 3.2ghz (8x400) @ 1.28v for about 2 weeks with no issues if that tells you anything about the stability and power phases of the board. Im only seeing a vdrop/droop in windows of 0.02 at the most in CPUZ.

    As far as memory goes, I use 4GB's of OCZ Reapers @1066mhz. Ive had them running at ~1200mhz for a few days before (was an accident, didnt realize it was running at that :D) and I ran into no problems, this was during my stressing at 3.6ghz so I was running prime and what not and games, so it was very stable at ~1200mhz @ 2.1v.
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