First Ever Build, comments/advice appreciated

Hey all. With school coming up this fall, it's finally time to ditch my old P4 2.4GHz and go with something a little more modern. I am looking to use this PC for college work and gaming. Based off lurking around here and some research, here is what I've decided to go with (for now):

Intel Core 2 Quad Q9450:
ASUS P5Q Deluxe LGA 775:
Patriot Extreme Performance 4GB:
ARCTIC COOLING Freezer 7 Pro 92mm CPU Cooler:
Radeon HD 4870 512MB:

I have locked in my selections for the video card and CPU, but I am open to suggestions for everything else. I am not looking into heavy overclocking, but would like to have the option for low/mid overclocking. My budget is around $1,500 (give or take a little). I also already own a brand-new hard drive that I picked up last year at Best Buy on Black Friday (Seagate 320GB HD). I am also thinking about throwing another 4GBs of memory in if I have some cash left.

Please reply if you have any comments or advice. Thanks!
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  1. Unless you're going to Crossfire in the future, then that PSU is overkill. Any good quality 500w power supply would be fine. Can save $55 with an Antec earthwatts 500w and you won't have to screw around with a rebate!
    Good looking system btw
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  2. Keep the 750TX and replace the motherboard with a GA-X48-DS4 or a P5E Deluxe X48. Add another HD 4870 for Crossfire whenever you feel like it and have the cash. Don't bother with 8 GB of RAM just for gaming and Office.

    Edit: this Mushkin RAM has the same latencies or close at lower voltage, so I'd say it's better.

    Very nice build, btw.
  3. Only thing I would change is the HS to a Tuniq. It is a beast and can be a pain to get in around high chipset HS. With the newer CPU you most likely will not need it as with the older Q6600. Also on my X38 Asus board I had to grind off the AMD nubs to get the HS bracket in place because of the chipset HS. No biggie for me but some would complain about it. The HS is massive and with the airflow in the 690 you could run the CPU fan at the lowest setting if at all and be fine at stock speeds, maybe even with mild over clock if you don't bump the voltage. I could be wrong. Only thing more massive is I think the Thermaright...which is perpetually out of stock at newegg... :pt1cable:

    You will love the case for air can run 140mm/120mm in 6 locations(depending on PSU length) AND you can put a slim 80mm on the back side of the CPU. HD placement is good with cable management. Not a fancy case but like a hammer it gets the job done(house my parts and allow air flow) and done well. Only complaint I would voice about it is getting the top cover off to put the fans in is somewhat a pain and top ports are exposed with no cover. I took the ports on mine out anyways and sealed the holes.

    Good system and you will enjoy the speed bump over the old P4. Just don't look at all the new stuff that will come out RIGHT after you click buy. :cry: Or at least that what it felt like when I did my system. :lol:
  4. Thanks for the replies everyone! I decided to go with the Mushkin RAM, the GA-X48-DS4 and the Antec Earthwatts power supply. The jury is still out on the power supply though. I'll begin ordering the parts pretty soon.

    judgedredd: I know what you mean. I actually had the money for a new build at Chirstmas last year but decided to wait for new parts. I chalk it up to the nature of the beast. ;)
  5. stick with the corsair 750 psu.
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