750i with hd 4850?

Here are my specs

Intel Quad Q6600 @ 3.0 Ghz using BSEL mod.
2gb dell stock ram
Radeon hd 4850 oc'd 670/1076
ASUS 750i mobo
550W Antec True Power Trio
250GB samsung 7200 rpm hdd
Windows XP Home edition

The problem im having is that I get really low fps in games that are supposed to be higher, according to benchmarks

for instance, in world in conflict, everything maxed, at 1440x900, i average around 25 fps on the stress test. Also, in Assassins creed, everything maxed, 1 multisampling, I average 25-30 fps. In crysis, its pretty good, I average around 35-40 fps in forest situations.

In call of duty 4, single player, I average around 40-50 fps in intense maps.

could an nvidia board with an ati card be the problem?
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  1. change your ram
  2. ^ i second that... why use the dell ram with such a nice system?
  3. no its xp sorry.

    and does ram really matter? What does ram do anyway?

    also will this be good? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820227139
  4. 1) ati 4850 perform worse in most case when overclocked

    2) as other have state upgrade your ram, what the speed of the ram>

    3) psu maybe weak for an overclock cpu and gpu, what are the amps on 12v rail
  5. 1. really, they perform worse?!

    2. if speed, 333 mhz

    3. 3 12v rails of 18A each
  6. so would the ram i posted above be fine?
  7. no way to tell, as you don't have parameters for the ram

    if its ddr2-667 at least then I don't think it will really matter

    Anyways, the HD 4850 is a pretty nice card for its money wtE - but its far and beyond not a video game stomping card, make sure you update to the catalyst 8.7 as they claim there are a number of performance improvements in that.
  8. yeah but the problem is that my brothers 8800 gt with the same exact system, with even a less powerful PSU, can get higher framerates than me.

    and his is a dell computer
  9. Did you update to catalyst 8.7?
  10. The stock Dell ram is probably crap (relatively speaking). You can run CPU-Z and check your memory details.

    An OC'd 4850 takes about 250w fully loaded so depending on your other components it would be very close.

    Are you sure that dell system has the EXACT same components AND configuration?

    It's hard to compare your system to your brothers (on the boards) with so many missing pieces of information.

    Also, you say higher; which could be 2-4 FPS. This could be simply dependent on the game, it's requirements, how it's optimized, etc...
  11. yeah i use 8.7, ovaltineplease.

    and well, we have the same ram, and processor. He has a different motherboard tho, and its a dell motherboard.(should be **** right?)

    also, he has a 20" and I have a 19" monitor. He gets 50 fps constant on assassins creed, which is a HUGE difference.

    but i mean, its only 1 game though, right
  12. Does he play using the same resolution as you?
  13. no, he plays even at a higher resolution. 1680xsomething
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