I just ordered best "bang for buck" gaming system!

Ive just ordered my new system and it will arive tomorrow o_O
I have done alot of research (read litterally 100 reviews :P) to best price vs performance gear for gaming and this is the result, if anyone would want to know why I chose a specific item pls ask away ill answer asap. Comments/critics welcome also ;)

Asus P5Q-E
(chose it for its great overcloking capability 45nm support, P45 chipset.. Also it is one of the more affordable Crossfire options out there, the lanes are 16x both! This is very misunderstood around the community, this board supports PCIe 2 this means its actually 8x2 each lane)

Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 3.00 GHz, 1333 MHz, 6 MB, Boxed
(Chose it for its incredible speed/price ratio, also its very good overclocker.. scores better then the Q6600 in games)

Sapphire Radeon HD 4850 512 MB, PCI-e 16x
(Incredible price for awesome performance comes close to Nvidia's 600$ range cards! Insane.. Does run hot but easy fix with hacked fan speed.. will probably be patched but untill then good option)

OCZ Memory Reaper HPC Edition DC 4096 MB, PC6400, 800 MHz, 4, Kit Of 2
(Awesome memory can get to 1066mhz with stock volts whooaaah!?! good price, and Heatpipes included!)

HDD: Already had these, didnt order any new ones

Antec Gamersgear Three Hundred Black
(I had to decide between this and CM590 I chose this because it was little cheaper and has a huge ass top fan both cases are incredibly good tbh)

Corsair VX550 550 Watt, 20+24 Pins
(This is one of the best PSU's out there, if you want longjevity and all that this is your man! Sleeved cables n all that ofc also it supports crossfire and sli)

Samsung SH-S223F/BEBN S-ATA, Bulk, Black
(no idea why i bought this, really coudnt care less :P only time i use it is when i install windows?)

Cooling solution:
Arctic Freezer 7 Pro Aluminium, Copper (It was cheap, and still produces good)
Xilence Case Fan 120 Mm, LED, Red (just testing few different fans because i was intrested in their results)

Scythe SlipStream M 120 Mm, Black
Zalman ZM-F3 Case Fan 120 Mm

Price: 728 EUR = 1155 US Dollar
Pricing may change because much of the items are actually cheaper in the US (I live in the Netherlands)
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  1. good stuff :)

    enjoy ur new comp!
  2. Nice rig.
  3. Alzitar said:
    Asus P5Q-E
    (chose it for its great overcloking capability 45nm support, P45 chipset.. Also it is one of the more affordable Crossfire options out there, the lanes are 16x both! This is very misunderstood around the community, this board supports PCIe 2 this means its actually 8x2 each lane)

    Sure PCIe 2.0 8x is basically equivalent to PCIe 1.0 16x, but the point is that while P45 supports PCIe 2.0 8x/8x, x38/x48 supports PCIe 2.0 16x/16x. The question is whether or not crossfiring any modern cards will bottleneck this.
  4. +1 for blyn.
    On your PSU, it's great but should be tight if in on Cross-Fire.
    If you can, order some extra 100w.
  5. very good
  6. Looks good. Consider swapping HSF to the XIGMATEK S1283(+ LGA775 bolt in kit),if you can find it there.
  7. Pretty good build. As long as you only have one video card, both the MB and PSU are perfect for the job.
    When you add the second, they aren't. Too bad you bought first and asked later.

    P5Q-E is a bad idea for Crossfire, like any P45.

    550VX is too small for two HD 4850 cards and an overclocked CPU, IMO. It might work, but you're pushing it. Something like 750TX would have been much more suitable. In the US the difference is only $9 at newegg.
  8. Nice Build. I have a few Suggestions.

    CPU Cooler: Get the XIGMATEK HDT-S1283 for 5$ More. I love mine and it got some of the best scores on frozencpu.com. It 36$ and blows away the freezer pro. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835233003

    Motherboard: Definitely get an x38/48 to get the most out of your crossfire.


    That DFI board is 185$ and worth every penny.

    And definitely get a different PSU if you want to X-fire
    Check out http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&N=2010320058+50009830&name=PC+Power+%26+Cooling
    The silencer 750 is only 130$ after rebate and the 610 is 85$ after rebate. PCP&C FTW :)
    Just my .02 :)
  9. He bought already. Also, newegg won't ship to the Netherlands :(
  10. Wow thanks for all the replys, Aevm, I actualy did two weeks ago but didnt get any reply then.. bit weird as I get alot of replies now haha

    About the Xigmatec, I dont know why but its 26 us dollar more then the arctic freezer here.. that was a bit to much imho as i dont wanna do that much oc'ing just a bit 3.8 or so
    We dont have those rebates? you have or anything like that.. I dont even know what the word means lol? :P

    About the crossfire, I red some articles saying it really didnt matter with the PCIe2.0 since current cards woudnt max out.. im not really planning on going crossfire any time soon though, so I might just shop for a new mobo if I ever choose to.. pricing of x38/48 is very high here atm in comparison to P45

    On the PSU im pretty sure it can take crossfire, ive calculated with overclock im still only using about 350 watt or less at my current build! And you have to realize this is a AWESOME psu, its not a 550 that actually delivers only 450
    Refference: http://www.jonnyguru.com/modules.php?name=NDReviews&op=Story&reid=62

    Anyway im not planning on going crossfire anytime soon so no worries either way ;)

    Thanks again for all the replys, makes me feel I bought a good machine :P wanna hear something funny? Diablo 3 inspired me to buy it.. it probably doesnt come out for another 1.5 years LOL

    o_O what can I say..

    sorry just didn't like the presentation
  12. o_O haha okay matey ;) whatever makes you feel good...
    (pointless little discription: If you need mental help I study psychology :P)

    Also they dont sell DFI boards here.. ***** up
  13. Yeah, Diablo 3 is coming out in 2010 AFAIK. By that time my trusty 8800GTX will be obsolete :(

    A rebate is something that goes this way, in Canada at least: you pay the advertised price (say, $100), plus taxes on it ($13), plus a stamp ($0.5) plus take the time to fill in a piece of paper and mail it. If you're lucky, 6 months later you get the rebate back (say, $50), but not the tax paid on it. Total $63.5 paid, plus the time, plus often it's $113.5 because the rebate never arrives. Theoretically, the product was supposed to cost $50+13% i.e. $56.5. You understand, I guess, that customers hate the system. On top of it, you usually end up on junk mail/spam e-mail lists, that's the whole point why they offer rebates.

    @thogrom: man, it's only Monday and you're already falling apart? You OK?
  14. Hmm well Id like that alot.. we dont have that at all.. you could just give up a email adres you dont really use right? Prices are really cheap.. in US atm.. I still dont fully understand what the rebate means.. its like from the company that produces the product and for registering at them you get like a refund of a certain amount? weird...
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