Need a good motherboard under 130$

People !

I have decided upon my CPU as the E7200 and i am now looking to pair it with a good motherboard that will help me in my quest to build a budget gaming rig. I basically need a mobo that will help me overclock my CPU to 3.5 ~ 3.8 Ghz and my budget for this is 130$.

I have the Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L in my mind. Is this a good option ? Also what should an ideal motherboard have if one wants to overclock his processor to the limits and also the GPU a little.

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  1. Go for the GA-EP35-DS3L.
  2. (The ^ is supposed to be under the "E")
  3. I have read many reviews that the above mentioned boards have some hiccups like
    1. Cannot sustain high voltage
    2. Have problems booting with 4 gig of ram
    3. No support for PCI-E 2.0

    So any other board which is overclocker friendly would suit me. BTW is it the p35 or the p45 which is mainstream ?
  4. Both P35 and P45 are mainstream, but P35 is obsolete. X38 and X48 are the corresponding enthusiast chipsets.

    Check out these two boards:
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