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I was told by someone that, if you don't have a Phenom processor,then DDR3 1066 RAM will be lowered to DDR2 800?

Because i have a AMD 6000 x2 dual core processor and i was planning on getting 1066 RAM..any problems here?
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  1. Yes, it will lower. However, the 1066mhz ram guarantees you an OC up to those speeds and you can always change the divider so it might be worth it.
  2. Is it much of a difference?
  3. Well if you OC or change the divider there is no difference. If you leave it at stock than there is technically a difference but I doubt it will change much performance wise.

    Also, I missed this in your first post but DDR3 is not interchangeable with DDR2. There is more than just speed that makes them different.
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