Belkin USB bluetooth F8T012/F8T013 driver needed

The site makes you enter the serial number, but It's warn off to the point where it's unreadable.

Here is the link. Perhaps someone has the same model and can send the drivers to me? Let me use the serial number? Give me a link to the download? Upload to a file hosting site? Give me a link to another download site?

If all else fails I will just purchase a new one and use the CD/serial from that and then take it back saying it doesn't work, but I would like not to have to do a fraudulent return for no reason just because the company doesn't want to give us the drivers without entering the serial number anymore.
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  1. contact them by phone, it always works.
  2. Hey!

    Hope I can be of some help.

    I plugged my adaptor into my PC, and vista ran it's search for drivers, etc etc. In the end, it came up with this link:

    Which allowed be to download the drivers - and I didn't have to enter my worn off serial number :D

    Hope this helps!

  3. The reply above helped me!!
    Thanks alot man!!!

    Love from the UK
  4. Figured I would just bump this, as google points to it.

    Seems as though the drivers are NOT available on the site anymore.

    Anybody have this issue or solutions?

    What's ironic is I just got a 500gb hard drive and won't need to delete little things like the drivers to a bluetooth dongle I only use once in a while.
  6. F8T012 - Bluetooth™ USB Adapter - 100 meters - Driver

    Found this link with downloads for XP and Vista:

    Hope it helps someone out :0)

  7. This link is working for me:

    Hope it lasts!
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