Power Supply Noob Question.

So I just upgraded my power supply and looked in speedfan. My 5V line is running at 5.08v and my 12v is running at 12.05 is this harmful?
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  1. No problem - the ATX 2.2 standard has a plus or minus 5% to stay in spec
  2. The thing that simply amazes me, is how much faster my computer is. Literally i moved from a generic 300w factory installed, to a antec earthwatts 500w and it is literally more responsive and faster! AMAZING!
  3. Interesting. Just imagine how much faster it would be with a Corsair 750W PSU?

    Seriously though - thats very unusual. Any benchmarks (measurements) to say how much faster it is?
    How old was the 300w PSU and what did you have it (trying) to power? Had you added a bunch of new stuff over the years?
  4. uhm, well i am a warehouse manager at a computer refurb company, so no telling how old either this or the old power supply was

    I am powering though a IDE dvd burner, nvidia 6600, amd athlon 64 x2 4600, a sata hard drive, three fans, and six usb devices one of which has its own wall power, and a front bay media card.
  5. Oh also 3 gigs DDR2 4200, I do not have any benchmarks, perhaps its just a placebo effect, Also if this means anything my processor is now idling about 3*C warmer, and it is actually cooler here today than it has been in a while.
  6. actually i forgot I do have benchmarks to back this up. I had forgotten I saved my system benchmarks in performance test. I hope this links correctly.

  7. how does a pc get faster with more watts?
    usually if it doesnt get enough power it runs unstable.
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