New Micro ATX build, need advice on mobo and opinions

Hi, I am building my first Micro ATX rig and everything seems the same as a standart built except for the mobo which have different name chipsets than the standard ones. Does a micro atx mobo without an onboard graphics exist? I have difficulties finding one.

Here is what I am going to order from newegg only the mobo is still undecided, I need a stable one and OC is not my first priority but eventually will do it when the system starts to slow down a bit. Please advice me on a mobo that will not slow the potential of other components, the cheaper the better. If anyone has knowledge of better deals or has advice on better components without going too much over the initial budget feel free to say so. Thanks.

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The deal on the HD 4850 is pretty sweet, $180 after rebate plus 2GB of quality memory for free.
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  1. Until recently Micro ATX MBs have been 'relegated' to the cheap workstation gendra. All mainstream micro boards are equipped with onboard graphics solutions. In recent years micro MB issues are available with a BIOS loaded with OC options like upgraded voltage regulators for OCing, Voltage adjustments for the RAM and NB, etc. The BIOS features look similar to a full ATX BIOS. Intel chipsets are designated with a 'G'. Like P31/33/35'G'. G designates Graphic chip onboard. I believe a new round of Intel micro G45 chipsets will appear soon. I recently built an E8400 system with Vista 64 and 4 Gbs RAM with this G35 chipset board. This board is on the expensive side, but it has a lot of BIOS options and OC ability a cheaper micro board may not ofer. A board like this will perform the same as a P35 full size ATX issue. Even with the onboard graphics chip being run on the system BUS.
  2. Thanks for the input. I have been doing some reading and searching and while I know that there are some significant improvement of a P35 over P31, better Southbridge, bigger supported memory etc... the improvement from a G33 to G35 are almost non existant in my particular case. For example I am interested in this mobo Foxconn G33M-S LGA 775 Intel G33 Micro ATX Intel Motherboard,
    It has the same southbridge and allmost the same specs except that the G35 has better integrated graphics and HDMI connections which I don't need since I am getting the HD4850 and it has a $55 price difference after rebate.

    But does anyone knows if a G35 Northbridge chip offers noticeable performance improvements over a G33 chip? Keep in mind I am not a big fan of OC of new components, I might eventually do it in the second half of its lifespan.

    I have no experience with Foxconn, should I go with it? What about Nvidia mobos, is there anything better than a G33 less than $100?

    If I go with the Foxconn my total will be $544.95, minus 65 mail in rebates = $479.95.

    Any other comments/advice on the choice of my other components?
    I had an initial budget of 550-600, what should I do with the extra 100?
    1. Better case and ps (thermaltake/silverstone)
    2. HD4870
    3. Better processor and 2GB extra ram (E8200/8400)
    4. You name it, my experience with Micro Atx is none. Wil it run hot should I get better fans? etc.... please advice. Thanks
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