my cpu is idleing at 35c is that good or bad?

well i just put my gaming rig together and im alittle concerned i put a stock fan in for my intel extreme qx9650 for a day or 2 till i get my watercooler and its idleing at 35c is this ok or will this burn out my processor plz any comments would be strongly appreciated ty.
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  1. anyone plz im really worried about it i just want to make sure thats normal or not.
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  3. Uhhmmm. Get real most CPUs can run 60C at stock - 35C is just warm. Why you are wasting folks time asking this question...

    This is a bait thread - right?? Concern over a CPU practically at ambient - maybe if you had it hooked up to a malfunctioning Vapochill you should be!! :sol:

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