Issues with a new QX6850 CPU

Hey all.

I just recently bought a brand new Intel QX6850 Core 2 Extreme CPU (3.0 ghz quad core) and for some reason the system keeps randomly rebooting itself at different intervals for no apparent reason.

I installed the CPU correctly, on a tile floor, after discharging any possible static electricity, added a thin layer of new thermal grease to the CPU before attaching the fan/heatsink and attached the power for the fan. Everything works fine. When I boot up the system and try to install windows however, this is where the problems start happening. The system seems to run fine as long as I'm in the initial windows install screen where you can create or delete partitions, but as soon as it gets to the point of restarting to continue the installation, the system starts randomly rebooting itself. I thought it might be my copy of XP that was borked, so I borrowed my room mate's disc and that didn't make a difference. I'm not sure if the CPU is resetting due to overheating or what, but it seems completely random.

The motherboard is an EVGA 680i motherboard and my power supply is a 600watt Silverstone.

The only thing I can think of that MIGHT be causing a problem is that I accidentally touched the bottom of the CPU with my thumb while putting it in the motherboard, but I hardly think it was enough to leave a print and even if it was, would that cause these problems?
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  1. So you have a QX6850 & 600w Silverstone psu, and an EVGA 680i motherboard, but what else? List the rest of your system for us and maybe we can help!
  2. Geforce 8800gts 320mb, 4GB OCZ Platinum PC2 6400 Ram and a SB Audigy SE. Didn't think it was really relevant.

    I'm trying to figure out how to flash my motherboard right now but I'm not having much luck. Never flashed a bios before.
  3. Quad extreme, eh?

    Go in the bios to the health monitor. Let it sit there for about 5-10mins, and tell us what the CPU temp gets to.
  4. u said that it restarts while installing windows. Im pretty sure it does that a couple times during the first installation.
  5. i have a similar setup. i just installed the qx6850 this week on the same board. U will have to eventually update the bios to the p32 version released on jan. of 2008 or you will never run long once you get into windows / vista. for now i would make sure you load defaults in the current bios. If that does not work Be sure sli memory is disabled. i would recommend checking that the cpu voltage is set around 1.29v and for now disable cores 3 and 4 until you can get the current bios installed. Let me know if this does not work, i have been struggling thru many similar problems this week but am know stable and benchmarking cpu performance (non oc) about 30% over my previous dual core 6850.
  6. Your thumb could have every well left oils on the contacts. But one thing comes to mind here as I had a similar problem with my wifes 750i board, Windows install would loop fail due to a SATA dvd drive, the stupidass board didnt have the proper mediashield encoding or whatever. If you are using a SATA disk drive, try using an IDE one.
  7. Hello, I am new to Toms.

    Well i m having the same problem, i bought new Qx6850 and installed on to my motherboard (ASUS p5n e sli). my computer runs smooth @ 47C all 4 cores idle but when i load up flight simulator and it goes into full screen to start game it restarts computer @ 50C first 2 cores and 47 C last 2.

    Asus p5n e sli
    Zalman copper cpu fan
    3 gb of OCZ ram
    xfx 8800gt
    creative xfi extreme gamer sound card
    300gb samsung HDD
    sony cd/dvd
    500watts Power supply
    i got 3 case fan 80mm.

    do u guys think it something to do with power supply? i use to have Dual core 3.2 and didnt have any problems.

  8. FalconzFan, thanks for the idea, but I'm not that much of a noob :P It was restarting at random intervals when it wasn't supposed to and screwing up the install.

    I had to download the BIOS update for the motherboard on another computer and burn a CD and that solved the problem. For anyone else experiencing similar problems, I suggest you flash your bios. For me it was as simple as visiting evga's website, downloading an iso, burning it with nero and then rebooting and the program ran automatically. Just be sure to power off the computer and unplug it for a minute once the flash finishes and NOT let the program restart your comp like it asks to. Apparently restarting without a full power down can screw up your system.
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