Comparing AMD Chipsets

I am currently building my first amd rig. I don't know anything about AMD chipsets. I want a motherboard $50-$100. I was looking at:

Is the nvidia geforce 8200 a good chipset?

What are the good mid-range amd chipsets?
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  1. If you are looking for a mobo with Intergrated GPU I siad go for the AMD 780g chipset.

    Its good but it some mobos cant run the 140W phenoms.

    Also look at the 790GX chipset(Its a little more $)

    It has the SB750 south chip. Which has AAC (or ACC i dont know) But it OCs your phenom by 200mhz or more.
  2. Thanks for your reply.

    What are the differences in the amd 780g and nvidia 8200 chipsets? They seem to have the same features. What would either of them be specifically good for?
  3. Well the 780g has the better GPU and lower power use. But the 8200 has the hybrid power thing so if you use a Nv card the IGP takes over at 2d mode. I think thats what is does.

    I have a 790FX chipset with my phenom 9950 and it runs great.

    What GPU would you want to have?
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