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Hi! I have a 8800gt, but my CPU is too slow for it. What cpu should i buy to get the most out of my card? (AMD)
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  1. What are your full system specs including current CPU, motherboard, powersupply ext and what is your budget?
  2. It depends but you should be fine with a something form the 5000 series. Intel is really much better in the cpu department but AMD is so much cheaper...
  3. thanks for your answer!
    I have an MSI K9N4 Ultra-F motherboard
    2x1 GB DDR2 Ram
    500W Chieftech PSU
    and my current CPU is an Athlon 64 3200+
    my budget is about 100$
  4. I would recomend a 5000+ BE when it comes back into stock.
  5. AT least you know it's the CPU holding you back. Other people have come asking what's wrong with their new 8800GT and when we finally dig out their system specs, it's their old CPU holding it back. Worse yet is when they are on another CPU socket and have little to no CPU upgrade options only to end up feeling they wasted all their money on the video card.

    $100 is a good budget for an AM2 CPU and will put you well up in the X2 5000 series. (X2 5400+, 5600+, 5800+) It's a good idea to check with MSI and see what CPU's are supported on your specific motherboard revision before buying one. Also, specific CPU's may require you to flash the bios to be properly recognized.
  6. Wow, that sucks.
    This morning the 5000+ BE showed out of stock.
    Now it shows as a deactivated item :(
    In that case, as pauldh suggests, any of the X2 5000 series will give you the best performance for your $.
  7. Thanks for your answers!
    Yes i just flashed my bios yesterday so that wont be a problem : )
    I have on last question.. whats the difference between black editions and normal editions?
  8. The Black Edition CPU's have an unlocked multiplier so you can easily overclock them.
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