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Is there a way to disable the administator screen if you are not logged on. We had our computer worked on and then packed it for a move out of state before we tried it at home. Now when we turn it on it goes straight to asking for the administrator password, and we dont have that.
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  1. What does the screen look like? Is it a windows screen? have you try no password?

  2. Assuming you have your own logon on the screen alongside the Administrator's, go Start to Run and type cmd into the box then hit Enter. At the Command Prompt, type net user administrator active:no and hit Enter. If Administrator is the only log on, you need to use Control Panel>User Accounts to create another account for yourself first.
  3. Thanks for the suggestions, but neither one of them will work.

    Emerald,.... the screen is at the place where it says Administrator and has a blank for you to enter the password, which we dont have. I did try no passpword, still no luck.

    saga lout,... No we do not have a logon alongside the administrator one. There is no start button, or bar along the bottom of the screen. The only options we have are to put in the admin password or to shut off the computer.
  4. Since you had your computer worked on by someone, they would be the one to know the password that was put in place.
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