is mixing memory brands ok?

i got a ocz platinum revision 2 ddr2800 on a evga 650i ultra

overclocked to 889mhz @ 4-4-4-12-2t @ 2.1v

i planning to add 2gb more to make it 4gb.. but microcenter here sells the platinum revision 2 more expensive than the ones sold online.. i'd like to have it as early as possible that's why i don't want to order online cause it will take 3-5 days... i live in paramus, nj..

if i'm gonna buy ddr2 memory of other brands like crucial ballistix and the corsair xms2.. are they ok with ocz? and is there a disadvantage using different brands and advantage of using the same exact memory?
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  1. There won't be any performance hit either way, but I'd recommend sticking with one brand just to reduce the problems you get.
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