Will this setup run Crysis Warhead - Enthusiast 1920x1080 over 30 fps?

At 1920 x 1080 resolution on everything enthusiast with 16xAA


Intel i7 920 - Overclocked from 2.67 ghz to 4.0 ghz
2 x Radeon 4890 Running in Crossfire - 1gb each, overclocked from 850 mhz to 950 mhz each
6 gb 1333 mhz ram overclocked to 1500ish mhz

Any thoughts? Thanks

- Panos -
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  1. It shouldn't be a problem. My system usually gets 20FPS< on enthusiast @ 1920x1200. Nvidia cards seem to do better in Crysis, but you should be fine.
  2. Only SLI 285 gtx and perhaps a single 295 gtx (not even counting quad SLI ) can do better than Overclocked 4890 CF
  3. I would say that's plenty of power to get it over 30 fps. I have an i7 rig but with one OC gtx 275 core 731 shadders 1630 and mem 2540 and I can get around 20ish fps on those settings so your crossfire setup i bet could at average at closer to 40+
  4. Worst case scenario: turn down the AA to 8x. Not a great deal of difference in image quality especially when you're not standing still and staring at leaves the whole time. In fact I only run 4x MSAA for that very reason unless I have a ridiculous amount of performance to "spare" like in Left 4 Dead.
  5. At 1920x1080 you don't need to max out AA. Coz, at such high resolutions there won't be edging out. You can turn OFF AA.
  6. i dont know why,but 30 frames with 16x AA sounds not do able to me. I have 2 275s and turn AA off so the picture wont be jerky!
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