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Hi all,
this is a small doubt which crossed my mind ...does the GPU of the PC have any effect in the video playback of Divx and DVD video files ?? does a better GPU increase the quality or something like tat ?? or does it depend only on the Monitor and mof course , the quality of the DVD itself.....

p.s. Got a viewsonic 22" WD... and gonna a 8800 GT card... currently running on a integrated P945 chipset card... :(

and btw..bug in toms hardware.. if i forget to select the subsection it says "plz select a sub forum" when i go back..the submit button is missing.. only the previw button shows....
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  1. DivX no, DVDs yes if you use the right player. If you have any sort of modern CPU though you likely won't be able to tell the difference, performance or quality wise. If all you're doing is watching videos an 8800GT is way overkill.
  2. of course not... i Am gonna do a bit of gaming !!!! hope to play crysis atleast at medium setting on 1680 res
  3. I think you'll be able to pull off all 'high' settings with a 512MB 8800GT. Mine is slightly overclocked (650/950MHz) and I can do high no problem at 1440x900, with some stuff at 'very high'.
  4. modern GPUs support H264, VC1 and MPEG2 hardware acceleration. DivX, and xvid will not have any acceleration.
  5. It'll make a difference once you start downloading 720p or 1080p .mkv files. :)
  6. San Pedro said:
    It'll make a difference once you start downloading 720p or 1080p .mkv files. :)

    probably best to not mention questionable content in the forums...

    but even then, your video stream needs to be DXVA compliant, as well as your video player. So just because its encoded in h264, doesnt automatically mean it can use hardware acceleration.
  7. k thank u guys !!
  8. @ 1680x1050, expect DX9 All High with a few on medium. Frame rate is very high and will be playable at the minimum Frame rate it dips to. I have an 8800GT and Crysis and a E4600 BTW, all stock.
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