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Hi all.

May be a silly question as google has literally thousands of returns on this but i am looking for a sidebar gadget which can display nb, sb temps as well as cpu usage, ram usage, gpu temps the whole shebang.

I have found a number of individual gadgets, but i prefer to use just one which can do it all - if such a gadget exists.

So.. Was wondering what YOU guys use?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. There is a gadget for rivatuner from GURU3D.com. But first you should install rivatuner and activate its monitoring tool in the background all the time..Depending on the type of your mobo and VGA it'll show various temps, speeds and usages, you can also install plug-ins to support your H/W..See the read me for more info..
  2. I'm waiting for an answer on this....
    Looks really handy, is the one in the picture what you are talking about avatar?
  3. Nope..What you see in the right side of the pic is ASUS PC probe II -which is my favorite- it works for ASUS mobos only as far as I can tell and snakeeater (what a name BTW!!) asked for a sidebar gadget, PC probe can not be attached to the sidebar, you should've noticed the screenshot shows winXP..
  4. Thanks a million guys - I did stumble upon everest which has a nifty sidebar feature (5.2 somethin..) but shot for the suggestions.

    Yeah nick stems from Metal Gear Solid and snakeeater is the nick for US special forces ;p
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