Weird Power Issue. Need some help

Hey everyone. I haven't posted here in a while but I could really use some help. I built my first system 2 years ago with these specs relevent

Pentium D 805 (Since have upgraded to a core 2)
ASUS P5B Delux Wifi
2x1gb Corsair XMS DDR2

Anyway, I was having some heat issues a few months ago and then one day my computer shut down, presumably because it was too hot. (Annoying but not the first time unfortunatly). However, after that it would not come back on. I suspected the processor was fried and since I needed a new one anyway I upgraded to a core 2. I installed my new processor today but the porblem persisted. Since my case was kinda crowded and dusty, i decided to pull the whole thing apart and basically build it again. I just got done doing that and I still have the same issue. I have ruled out all possibilities for the problem which must mean that there is something wrong that I'm missing or am unaware of. The light on the mobo comes on when its plugged in, so I don't think the power supply is to blame. What could the issue be since I've ruled out:

Connection issues
Power Suppy

Thanks for the help.
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  1. does it even POST?
  2. It's either your mobo or PSU. Just because the lights on doesn't guarantee that it's working. If you have a spare power supply try using it and if your system doesn't post then your mobo is fried.

    You can also try clearing your CMOS and see if that may help
  3. The PSU could still be to blame, what kind is it? The motherboard could also have gone bad. Also, I see that the P5B is a P965 chipset so it should support a C2D, but does it have new enough BIOS to do so?

  4. Thanks for the help guys, here's some additional info that might help:

    The thing does not post, the fans twitch for a split second and thats it.
    I have not had a chance to do a bios update since I have not gotten it to turn on at all since the upgrade
    The Power supply is this one:

    Thanks for any additional help everyone. I forgot how helpful everyone was around here. I just might start coming here regularly again.
  5. Hey, I was just wondering, is there a way that I can do some sort of check to see if my power supply is working ok without buying anythng?
  6. Try swapping the PSU with a good one.
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