How to remove write protection on harddrive

how do you remove write protection on a hard drive ?
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  1. Right click the drive in my computer, go to the security tab, add yourself to to "group or usernames", and then you can give yourself full control. Hope this help.
  2. going to revive this thread cuz i have a slightly different problem

    I bought an internal HDD and stuffed it in an enclosure. enclosure has a USB 2.0 port and an eSATA port. It was working fine with the USB 2.0 connection. I could copy, delete, write files onto the drive. When I used the eSATA port I get the "Disk is Write Protected" warning. "Remove write protection or switch to a different disk."

    I tried rkulp's method, I even added more 'control' to other users but the moment I click Apply or Ok. my computer gives me a grand list or files that are still write-protected, one pop-up at a time.

    toss some help my way? ._.
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