NVidia GeForce 9500 GS High Temperature Issues

Hey all,

I recently purchased this laptop (Asus M51Sn-X2 NoteBook) with
Intel Core 2 Duo T8300(2.40GHz)
15.4" Wide XGA
4GB Memory DDR2 667
250GB HDD 5400rpm
DVD Super Multi
NVIDIA GeForce 9500M GS

Anyway, the problem I think I am having is regarding the temperature of my CPU and GFX sitting and gaming

Right now, the program I am using to monitor my temps is PC Wizard 2008.
Sitting temperature for the CPU is low 50s C. Sitting temp for my GFX is low 60s C.

Now last night when I was gaming. After about an hour I figured I would check the temp of my system.
I dont remember specifically what my CPU Temp was, but my GFX had hit 90 C and even I knew that was high. Now when I got this laptop I also bought a cooling pad (http://catalog.belkin.com/IWCatProductPage.process?Product_Id=355998) and this was in use when I got that reading.

Any other suggestions on how to keep the temp down or is this really not a big deal?
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  1. Use RealTemp for the CPU.
    Get Rivatuner and turn up the fan speed for the graphics, if possible.
    Not sure about this last one.
    Graphics temperature is within norm.
  2. That might be normal for that card. It IS a laptop after all, so the space is pretty cramped and built-in cooling will be lacking. I'd say that it's probably normal and you don't have much to worry about, but it's probably a good thing you got the cooling pad. If there's any dusty ports, fans, etc. then you could try giving those a blow with some canned air. Might help a bit.
  3. I dont think there would be much dust or build up because I have only had this laptop for a week. I was just making sure my laptop was not about to melt down on me or anything. By the way I already have RivaTuner and it says that I dont have the right version for my graphics card (too new) but I downloaded the newest one i believe (2.09)
  4. What matters most, is the temperature of your cores.
    Try CoreTemp or RealTemp for that.
  5. yeah PC Wizard 2008 shows that too under CPU it says Core 1 & Core 2
    Core 1 is usually around 30 C sitting
    Core 2 is around 40 C sitting, dont know about gaming
  6. That's idle. Those temperatures are okay.
    Run your antivirus or load your CPUs with another program and measure the temperatures at load.
  7. i cant right now, but i will post them later tonight when i load up a game and start playing
  8. the main reason i got into this discussion was because a guy next to me at work has his laptop as well with the same temp reading software as i do and his runs lower in all categories

    he has and HP (dont know the exact type but it is similar in specs to mine) and his core temp is below 40 C. his core 1 was high teens idle and core two was the same. mean while mine is up in the 30s.

    his graphics hard is not as high as mine, but i think it is 8400 gt and that was below mine by a solid 15 C.

    i dont know, maybe Asus is not that good with cooling? anyway any info is helpful right now.
  9. ok here is a pic after i alt tab out of a game for 1 second

  10. I have this same laptop and have been having some issues with it as well. The first issue was overheating for sure, I didn't use software to get the temperature but the computer was shutting down at random times and felt hot to the touch. I fixed this by using canned air. Now, the last maybe 5 months I've had a problem with a random beeping that started with just a chirp once and a while until about a month ago, then it became a constant BEEEEEEEEEP BEEEEEEEP and my computer would freeze up until the beeping stopped. One day it beeped until it shut itself down and I had to mess around to even get it to boot windows. Finally I got it to boot, but now it goes through a different loading screen right when I turn the computer on, a black screen with white text and a big red "American Megatrends" logo in the upper right. It went about a month with no beeps but then the last couple days im gettin it again. I used Speccy to get some temperature reading when it had its constant long beeps, and got 74 degrees Celsius for the graphics card, 46 degrees for CPU, and 38 degrees for the hard drive. Unlugging my extra monitor brings the graphics card down to 68 degrees, but I'm not sure if these temperatures are too high or not. Any advice?
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