Netbook won't boot up.

Netbook does not have a CD drawer, only USB ports. It won't book up. It has an error windows root>\system32\ntoskrnl.exe. I found the repair on another computer. How do I get the repair over to the netbook if it won't start up to get me to the internet to download it. Sorry I am somewhat illiterate on these matters, so please specific. I download the repair to the a flash drive, but since it won't boot up, I can't upload the repair from the USB? Is there a bootup flash drive out there for the HP Netbooks? Or is my hard drive toasted?
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  1. No, the hard drive is not toast. Once you put some OS on a thumb drive and do a repair install, the thing should get up and work again. Or you could connect possibly, a USB CD drive.
    Hold down F8 and start the computer. Is there a safe mode start option, repair option, restore option? Not all computers will have all options. If you are able to start in safe mode, try to backup your personal files to a thumb drive.
    The directions for a repair install are located in this forum, fourth post from the top.
    Repair with software that did not come from Microsoft is inadvisable. Free downloads that promise to repair computers should be avoided.
    The best and most reliable way to restore XP is with the software that comes on the XP disk.
  2. Here's a good guide to creating a bootable USB drive.

    Obviously you'll need to do it from another computer. Once you have it done, you should be able to boot from the USB drive, and repair the install.
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