Brand New Hard Drive Unknown & Unreadable. Please Help

I installed a new hard drive and was formatting it when my computer crashed. Now it is not being detected.

The BIOS looks like this on the boot screen. (Channel 1 appears, but it dose not show a name ex. WDC....)

IDE Channel Master 0: WDC WD160.....
IDE Channel Master 1:

When I go into the BIOS options and try to auto detect the channel 1 hard drive, it box will pop up that says "Auto Detecting Hard Drive..." it will stay like that for over 12 hours before I have to shut it off.

When I go to the Disk Management in Windows, it looks like this.

I have already rescanned disks in disk management and it did not help. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    Try creating a Gparted boot CD. Boot from it and see if you can detect the drive and format it as NTFS from there.
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