Help, Why people should buy PC over Mac

Hey guys, I have been a member for a while and I got a persuasive speech due tommorrow. I wanted to ask you guys, and sorry if this is posted in the wrong section I could not find a better one, a question about PC versus Mac.

How can I persuade my audience that using/buying PC over Mac is a better. Keep in mind that my audience are general students that don't game.

I need 3 problems, causes, and solutions on why Mac's are worse and the PC is a better buy.

Thanks in advance,

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  1. Why would you want to persuade people to buy PCs rather than Macs?
  2. I think the way our technology is advancing PC is in our best interest.
  3. Also, PC makes things a lot easier, cheaper, and general.
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    Well, you've got two of your 3 answers!
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