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hey how can i control the speed of my fans. I have 2 in the front that id like to control and i tried speefan but it says my fans are running at full speed 100% which is not right cuz the rpms are 998 and the full for the fans are 1400rpms is max. So is their any other program that can change the fans speed. It reallly help. my fans are silenx ixtrema 120mm 14dba and 72 cfm. so id really like to turn those on full speed. any help would be appriciated. thanks.
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  1. Buy a fan controller
  2. ok other than that already wasted 60 bucks on fans. i can control my cpu fan with speedfan but i cant get my other chassis fan to go full speed using that maybe i can i just dont know how to.
  3. speedfan works on some motherboards, but in my experience usually doesn't. look in your bios and see if there is an option to control fan speed. if not, you'll have to get a fan controller. mine was ~$20 at the egg
  4. my other question is why is it when i connect the fans straight to my power supply they still dont run at full speed. I thought they would. I am lost now.
  5. looked on google and i think i found my answer. They say the ones with 3 wires have the 3rd wire to show rpms you need a 4th one for speed control.Never knew that but now i know. and also im not sure but maybe my fan adjusts itself because it has a sensor connected to it. im guessing its the temp sensor so when it gets hot the fans work faster. Not sure but could be it as i read in some forums that some fans do that. I was wondering why it came with a sensor connnected to it. Because on the box it says from 600-1400rpms. like my cpu fan i can control that but theirs 4 wires. and im guesing its same if u plug it into the psu the fan gets power does but it doesnt show you rpms on your pc and its still dont go full speed assuming its because of that sensor which tells it how fast to go.

    Could that be right?

    if so how can i make the senor seem like its hot just so i can see if that effects the fan speed otherwise if thats not it i have no idea what thats for.

    thats my fan just 120mm and wow it says it on there thermistor controls fan speed according to temperature lol i feel stupid. But on the package it didint say anything but yeah how can i make it seem like its hot so i see the fans speed up, to see how they work.
  7. If thats the fans you bought disregard my suggestion it won't do you any good at all, can you send those fans back and buy new ones without thermistor control?
  8. yeah ima go return them soon. And buy the same brand but without the thermistor.
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