A couple questions about FSB:RAM

I have any E8400 at the moment and I really don't have a reason to overclock it at this point so I am leaving it at stock speed.

My question is this:

I have some G.Skill PC2 8000 at 1000 mhz. If I run at 333 FSB would it be better to run my RAM at 667 for a 1:1 ratio or would it be better to run at 800 with a 5:6 or 1000 with whatever that divider is.

Basically what I am asking is if the increase in mhz speed is going to be more beneficial than the 1:1 ratio?
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  1. Synthetic benchmarks will be better, however, real world performance anything more than 1:1 will give you almost unnoticeable gain.
  2. right now i have my q6600 clocked at 3.2 ghz running my ddr2 800 running at 400 mhz x8 multi with a fsb of 1600 on a Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS3L mb and my cpuz says it's running 1:1 with my core voltage currently at 1.392
  3. I'm just getting into the Ram timing for the first time...ive overclocked CPU's most of my life and seemed to ignore this.

    question i have a e2180 that i raised the FSB to 1066 over the stock 800....seemed OK, but when i set the ram to autosync it clocked the 667mhz ddr ram up to 888. NOW vista seems SOOOO much snapier and VERY responsive.....WHY is this....I know you guys like to use ratio's when overclocking so as not to stress the ram or overclock it to high....this is getting me to think about running this sucker at 1333FSB and buying some ddr1066ram and clockng it to 1110mhz...i'm thinking it will FLY...

    what do you guys think?
  4. I'm running a 1600mhz bus with PC800 Gskill oced to 1066, seems to run a bit better that way. Getting slightly higher benches in 3Dmark, games aren't a noticeable difference.
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