Spray Painting the inside of my Case.

I am going to be spray painting the entire inside of my case once it arrives. I am going to use a high gloss black paint. From everything i can find on forums and the internet it says to use 4-5 diff grades of wet sand paper and primer and finisher. About a weeks worth of work but this is for the outside of the case. I just want to do the inside. It is a stacker 830.

I will take the case apart and do every visible piece i can see.
I am not interested in spending that much time on this. I just want to give it a once or twice over black gloss coat ontop of the blank inside of the case which is usually alluminum or some type of metal. Will this still work and look okay without doing all that extra work?

Please post your thoughts about painting the inside of a case in general and if im going about it in a wrong way.

thank you,
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  1. It may cause a problem with grounding the motherboard and cards.
  2. 8 of the 24 contacts of the 24 pin power connector are ground.
    Another 2 or 4 on the cpu power connector.
    An acrylic spray paint will work best.
  3. Doesn't paint loose some of the thermal properties of the exposed metal, whenever you use paint :sarcastic:
  4. use a high temperature paint (used for painting engines ) if you are in the uk halfords(auto shop ) sell a good range in spray cans or tins to brush on . the spray on is best (quicker) for inside cases it also is better at conducting heat use a matt black if you are lighting your case gloss black reflects the light and gives odd shaddows trust me i painted mine twice . spray outside the paint stinks. use masking tape to cover grounding points and remove tape while the paint still tacky or itcan come of with the tape when dry
    hope this helps
  5. thanks daaustin!

    Im not sure if im going to use any lighting at all. It for sure wont be that much if i do. I thought about trying 1 tiny lightsource in the middle of the board or move it around to see what looks the best. I figured the glossy reflective look would look better if i didnt have it brightly lit in the case.
  6. i'd prime and paint the whole thing. knock yourself out. gloss would technically reflect heat instead of absorbing it into the case, but performance difference is negligible for anything above a mini-itx case.
  7. If you're not gonna light the thing up inside, why paint it?

    If you're not doing it to show it off, why bother?

    I'm still a noob, so bare (bear?) (beer?... mmmm beer) with me.
  8. im not sure, i might end up lighting it up. The thing is im not sure what its going to look like so i guess i want to experiment with it once its done to get the best results.

    I already did that whole Glowing blues/reds/green lights on anything a led will fit on thing before. I dont want my case to look like a laser show. Im looking for a sleek, tight, ssuave, professional look. Haha
  9. Thing is... the MB going to be covering the majority of the paint job.

    As far as grounding, even though the 24pin has the ground, the MB on stand offs still provide a ground for the MB plate to the case. So when you touch the case to ground yourself, the static electricity goes through the case, through the stand offs to the ground on the 24pin, then to the PSU on the ground.

    That is how the PSU grounds the whole system, and why it needs to be plugged in to a grounded outlet, but the power switched off on the back side of the PSU. (when you work on it)


    And if you have a multimeter, you should be able to test for continuity by touching any bare metal on the case to the ground probe on the power cord for the PSU.
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