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Is there something wrong with Pet Vitality MedPacks?

I have tried to make bot the A and the B versions in the past couple
of days and I keep getting a message saying that I do not have the
correct ingredients. I KNOW I have them for the A... I mean how simple
can 6 organic and 6 inorganic and a liquid suspension unit be anyway?
Yet I keep getting this irritating message!

I just wonder if the schematics are bugged because I never see any of
these items on sale anywhere!
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    I'm afraid this won't help much, but they're working fine for me.

    Esorattar, Wookiee CH/Doc/Master Bioengineer, Valcyn
    Ryashi Macher, Twi'lek Master Architect/Master Merchant/Master Artisan, Intrepid
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    On Sun, 30 May 2004 05:45:15 GMT, ladyjack@kitty.jedimasteryoda.kat
    (Kittykat) wrote:

    >I'm afraid this won't help much, but they're working fine for me.

    Time for me to eat some crow here. It was my fault entirely. I missed
    the Bio Controller component. With so many of the Nutrients
    addatatives I make so much of the time there is that damned Data
    component that nobody knows what it is for. And I just looked at the
    last block as that instead of reading more closely.

    Got them working now! :) Thanks for the reply though. :)
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