Why 2min. shut down time?

Notebook with os win xp pro sp3 updated from windows xp sp1a.

I cannot find out why shut down time almost everytime is close to 2 min.
I tested the installationmedia on a desktop.
On the desktop shut down time is almost everytime 15-30sec.

This happens when shutting down the notebook:
Hitting the shut down button nothing happens for about 2min.
(restarting is the same).
The screenpicture does not change and applications keep on running.
New application can be opened.
Then close to 2min it starts the well known shut down procedure, with the sound signal,
and the logging out and shutting down schreen picture.
It's like it's waiting for something and then shuts down.

Very seldom the notebook shuts down fast like it should, 15-30secs.
Some say it's a sign of virus. I don't think so, because before updating to
sp2 the notebook shuts down fast.
But after updating to sp2 and before installing any further software, the long shut
down time is there. And at that point it is not likely that virus is the long shut down
time reason.

The computer seller said that all drivers must be installed, otherwise
this may cause the long shut down time.
But all drivers are installed, at least to my knowledge.

I want to know what is keeping the notebook from shutting down fast.
Is there a way I can see what the computer is doing or not doing during
the 2min.?

Note I tried to install win 7 on the notebook.
Windows 7 often shuts down fast, 30sec to 1min. And you can see by the
screen pictures that shutting down procedures begin immediatly.
And it makes no difference whether all or not all drivers are installed.

Thank you.
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  1. Too many programs running,
    not enough RAM memory?
    Multiple / duplicate applications running?
    Multiple security programs, junk software, free downloads, cookies clog processor...
    single core processor?
    There's all kinds of problems, mostly running too much software at the same time in a system that is too small to run it all. This will make the system delay the shutdown.
  2. It could be checking for updates. You can try disabling windows updates, and see if the problem goes away.

    It could be some registry clutter. Download ccleaner, and use the registry tool. You may need to run it several times to resolve all the issues.
  3. I think I found the error.
    If I disable the touchscreen feature, the computer starts shutting down
    fast like any other computer.
    So the error seems to be a driver problem.

    Any suggistions on how to make xp shutdown the touchscreen
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