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hi there... i bought 780gm mpotherboard a couple of months back... im just wonderin if the "hybrid graphics feature" of this motherboard will boost any kind of ati radeon series.... including the newest ati radeon GPUs... or will it slow it down (i have HD 3870 Video Card - 512MB GDDR4)

if yes... then awesome!!!

but if no.... what will happen to my 3870 video cards preformance??? will it be boosted? or will its preformance be reduced???

if you want a detaild explanation... listen to the video in this link i provided..take note of the "hybrid graphics feature"
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  1. it won't matter at all
  2. "hybrid graphics" is available for the 780G with the 3450/3470 or 2400Pro video cards only.
    Your 3870 will not be boosted at all.
  3. ok... well.... which would have better performance then.. if i buy a 3470 gpu with the hybrid feature applied..... or with my 3870 all by myself??
  4. omg 3870 of course
  5. ok just checking... coz i was confused with that 75% graphics increased bonus..... i thought that a 3450+75% performance coz of hybrid graphics.... is better than 1 3870.. working by itself
  6. The 75% increase would be the combo of the 780G MB IGP and 3450 in Hybrid Crossfire.

    [:wr2:2] You could expect to get 60FPS with a 3870.
  7. yeah 60 fps +
  8. For fifty more dollars you can get the 4850, which will get something like a hundred fps at the resolution, lol.
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