Lga 775, ga-ep45 dsl3 Bent pins on mb

I was retarded enough to bend a pin on the 775 motherboard, then try to fix it with needle nose pliers, then break the hole pin off in my stupidness :-( What i am wondering is if there is any way for me to fix the problem. or if there is someone who does fix this sort of thing. is there a pin layout from intel? I'm hoping that the pin i broke mabye was irrelivent...im not going to fry my processor to find out though.

i am probably just completely fuxed and should sell it on ebay and get a new board. bye bye $150
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  1. "whole" not hole. Sell it on eBay? Someone's going to be pissed when that shows up. I thought I remembered seeing someone from the forum fixing boards damaged in this way but I don't really remember. I'd say that the board is probably inoperable.

  2. Wow I cannot believe that fool would sell that broken crap on ebay! I would end up with it and want to beat him with a board!!

    Anyway... I have an issue with a bent pin so I figured I would post here and see if anyone can give me some advice on my issue... I will paste the same post that I posted on another site that no one will answer

    I own a water cooled Abit ix38 quadgt mobo with a qx9650 processor on water
    One day my pc just stopped working. When I would turn it on the light would come on and then go off. So me being the jackass that I am Thought the worst.... that it was my processor and took the danger dan block off. I saw that there was nothing I could do with it(as if I could had done anything with it anyway!) and put the block back on. Later I was checking my RAM in another machine and noticed that ONE stick of RAM was bad....WALLAH!! I found the problem with my pc!~

    Here comes the bad part.. when I put the remaining sticks back in NOW all the lights on the board come on and I think I am in luck.... well I hit the button and the PSU fan turns like one 20th of a turn and stops and a code on the board comes up 8.7. So I look the code up and It says Check Processor volts... Now im ****ed because I know the issue was the RAM.
    So I am wondering weather now it is the processor or the MOBO.. I set up RMAs for both and then thinking about when I put the block back on I remember .... Like a dumb *** I tightened the block too much because the Danger Dan block can just keep on being tightened instead of having some stopage as most intell stock coolers have and ALL amd coolers have. Well I now realize that I bent something. So what I did was took the processor out and looked at the pins on the board. I notice that there are about 3 pins in various locations that are slightly bent. Not bent bad but nevertheless slightly. The rest are fine. So what I am wondering is........

    Can that ruin a CPU? OR.. because the power supply didnt really volt anything since it didnt really move at all does it work so that it will not ruin a CPU and now I just need a new MOBO or Just need to bend the pins back to their rightful place? Should I RMA the Processor? or get a new one? or RMA the motherboard? Or are they Both good and all I need to do Is get the pins back where they belong?

    Some help here would really be appreciated by someone that knows how to troubleshoot technical issues because I know if that type of person( I do this for Satallite and Cable systems)was to read what I said above they would have enough info about the issue to know what is really happening here. Your help is appreciated much as this is too much money invested to let it go to waste!


    After using a loop(jewelry magnification lens,yes i have one) and looking at the pins and the back of the processor as to where they would hit.... There are two pins on the MOBO that are bent they are one row in from the edge and number 7 and 8 back from the corner.. They look like they will not even hit the processor when I set the processor next to the pin layout and see how far off they are.. I need to know if its a waste of my time to bend them back. If it was a human body and it was surgery and it would repair someones life then I would say I CAN DO IT FOR SURE AND It would be worth it... But its not worth it if there is a good chance the processor is already DEAD! But there is no doubts I can bend them back to where they were. I just dont want to waste my time if there is no chance the processor will work anyway.

    1. I need to know if the processor is BLOWN or just possibly blown?

    2. If it is not blown will bending those pins back fix the board?

    Please someone that knows and will actually read this post answer this.. if you dont clearly read this please dont answer as I do not want to make a mistake in whatever I do. I have one chance to NOT spend more money then necessary. It cost money no matter which way I go but it costs more to try and try and try till i get it.I would like to avoid all the trying and just fix it
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