How 2 backup comp after setup?

So the parts I ordered are coming for my new rig (I already have some of them), and I can hardly wait to set up the comp.
My question is, How do I make a backup disk after i load the op system and get all the drivers on there?

(2.5 years ago I bought a compaq. This computer didnt even come with the OEM windows disk. To get my computer back to the new state, i would just insert the disk and reset my computer. After a basic menu, the process would start. Part way through it would ask for the next DVD. The whole process would take nearly 2 hours. I liked having the backup disc to for when i wanted to start fresh or if i was having big computer problems.)

Is there a special program that i should get? I dont mind obtaining one. I just need to be pointed in the right direction. I did some web searches, but often found stuff to backup data files. I just want to backup the basic operating stuff and maybe a few installed programs so that i dont need to use the op system disk, driver discs, etc.

Any help would be appreciated.

- Hypnotico
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  1. Acronis True Image 10, period. Don't get 11 which is buggy, so say some users. After os install, install ATI, do a manual backup for the OS drive to somewhere else like a 2nd partition or harddisk or DVDs. Then make a media builder (rescue) disk that boots off a cd/dvd.

    The best thing about ATI is that the whole archive is a clickable virtual drive that can be selectively restored using copy & paste in my computer.
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