Strip size for 2 samsung 750gig f1

What size strip should I use, for raid 0. I want to put os and games and other programs. I have storage for back up. What size should I use
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  1. good question as I am planning to do the same with my two 300gb drives. Reading other literature I see that multimedia is better starting at 64KB stripe where smaller files like docs are best at set the stripe much smaller. However in reading many other comments I see guys that have setup up their stripes at 128kb. Looking at the HD benchmark results I see that seeking and transfer are directly related to stripe size (at lease that is what I belive for now). But reasoning would make you say that you can reach a point where the size of the sripe is to big and would then slow down fle transfer.

    All I can really say for the moment, te jury is out on what size stripe is best for you?
    I am curious to see what you have chosen. :ange:
  2. For small files its best to set the stripe size HIGHER not smaller. But for any intent or purposes 128KiB is a reasonable setting. Only for sub-optimal (read: bad) RAID engines/drivers will a lower setting yield higher performance.
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