Help not able to locate 8.6 hot fix for Radeon HD3850

So get this.. I received my HD3850 today.. (very excited) and I followed directions to the T how ever I was not able to get my grubby hands on the 8.6 Hot fix only 8.7 so I reset and slapped in Halo just for the hell of it (wanted to see if I could really see a difference in performance ect) twice I received a VPU recover no longer responding to graphics driver commands.... I'm pretty positive it's this new 8.7 hotfix I clicked on the link but 8.7 hotfix is all I can find. anyone know what could be causing this..

Also if someone would be kind enough to fire me a copy of 8.6 hotfix that would be great :sol: or a link because I can't find it anywhere !!!! :fou: :fou: :fou: :fou: :fou:
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  1. False alarm .. found it.. :bounce:
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