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I am about ready to charbroil my PC, please help me.
I have an HP m7460n computer, it has an Asus motherboard, which apparently broke down completely (can't even go to bios.) Now, I'm planning to buy a micro-ATX motherboard : gigabyte GA-MA78GM-S2H.
Now, my problem is whether the new Gigabyte motherboard will fit inside the case. The case is micro-ATX too, but I read somewhere (I'm about halfway between noob and intermediate when it comes to PC hardware) that you usually have to buy a different case for a new motherboard. I looked at the pictures and the motherboard maps and they aren't very different in layout, but, again, I'm not that good with PC hardware beyond RAM and the video card.
Please.... help me.

-I also have a card reader on the HP case, wonder if that will work with the new mobo?

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  1. I can't seem to find your computer on HP's site. Could you give us a link to it somewhere? You shouldn't have to switch cases if they are both micro-atx.

  2. Since your building a new PC, just get the MB first. If the MB plate stand offs line up with the holes on the MB, your in luck. You may have to pop off the back face plate for the ports (network, sound, comm port, ect) and install the one that came with the MB, if it has one.

    Other then that, if it doesn't fit, then you'll need to find another PC case to house it.

    As far as the card reader, it should be a USB device. Hopefully the header should be a normal USB header. Should be like 7 out of 8 pin connector (going by memory), which should go on one way. When I upgraded my dad's system awhile back, he had a card reader that just hooked up with the MB's USB header, which worked fine.
  3. Micro ATX should fit on Micro ATX. If it fits, you're in luck - if not, a case is not terrible expensive.
  4. From a different point of view.....even if the Mobo fits.

    The first computer I bought was an HP in the mid 90's...because back then I didn't know anything about building one.......when I did start building one....I didn't want to use the HP case...or HP anything.....I wanted to break away from store bought pre-built computers.....I know maybe I have issues, but I'm a bit proud of being able to build my own PC's....I would hope a lot of people here feel the same way.

    You are crossing over from someone who has to buy computers from HP. Worst Buy, Circuit SCHitty, Dull or even being able to build one yourself. Not something everyone is capable of doing. Why put the parts you chose and installed back into an HP case especially when it's something like a MoBo since you're basicly starting from the ground up?

    It's time to move on get a new at least when people see your computer.....they won't immediately think you bought it from a pre-built PC chain.
  5. huron is right, you should have no trouble replacing the board with one of the same form factor. But a new case might something you would enjoy.
  6. Thanks for the reply:
    I'm kinda even more pissed at HP now that I've taken a good look at the insides of my pc. It cost so much for what looks like a $500 computer.
    THe motherboard they used appears to be discontinued by Asus... hell, even the computer itself seems to have been phased out, and this was only about 2 years ago (dunno if that's what usually happens). It's too tight inside - the HDD screws are located in a tiny corner, and I'm at a loss as to how to remove it.
    I'm probably gonna get a barebones computer - something with a gigabyte mobo, i don't trust asus anymore. (Should I? Do they make good mobos?)
    Btw, can I use 2gb pc4200 533 rams with 2gb 800+ rams?
    Thanks again.
  7. Asus makes decent motherboards, but Gigabyte also does. I'm not sure about either company's support, though. Maybe someone else can comment on that.

    You can use the ram together, but the 800mhz ram is going to run at 533mhz.

  8. Hmm, okay. So i'm thinking about getting this kit:

    However, my 2 old ram chips are both 533 mhz, and this kit's mobo says it's only for 667/800.... so... I can't use my old ram,right?
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