[Graphics Card] What should I plug into this beast?

So I am looking at this barebones kit. It's pretty much being built to run Warhammer Online. The question I have is what video card should I stick in there? I am thinking the Geforce 8600 GTS via the affordable card of the month for June article. Good choice?
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  1. Don't refer to a barebones kit as a beast...

    A 3850 is a better buy. It's only a hundred dollars.
  2. 8800GT, its dirt cheap now
  3. i reckon, DUAL SLOT COOL and QUICK EVGA 8800GT, CHEAPER than the hot single slot versions... two of them $240 sli! up the speed a bit with evga precision, bump up the clocks and there you have something that would probly play crysis on very high 1900x1600 or watever it is... so cheap man! but for your needs 1 dual slot evga 8800GT ftw its like $120 bucks OMG!
  4. Lol, don't get your hopes up about crysis. If you are willing to spend 240 dollars to upgrade the gpu on a 200 dollar barebones kit there is something wrong....
  5. Hi Dizzam welcome to the forum,
    You have not mentioned monitor size resolution but as long as you dont go over a 22" you should be fine with either a HD3850 or as said already a dual slot cooler 8800gt. My main concern would just how many Amps are on the +12V rail/s of that bundled PSU (they are usually quite weak and can be false economy sometimes. Idealy you would want some thing with at least 28 Amps.

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