Need advice on using IDE drives in new build

I am building a new computer based on an ASUS P5Q Pro. This board has only one IDE connector, I plan on putting my current 200GB IDE and my DVD writer on this connector and putting a new WD, SATA 640 GB on one of the SATA connectors.
I also have another IDE HD and another DVD writer that work fine. Do you think this adapter would let me use these two devices without any problems.

Koutech IO-PESI300 PCI Express x1 SATA / IDE Controller Card RAID 0,1,0+1 JBOD - OEM [...] 6816104001
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  1. You don't really need any extra drive or RAID controller. You can connect two IDE devices directly on a single IDE cable, but this'll slightly reduce their performance if you try to use 'em on the same time. Just use your new 640GB for the OS and connect those 2 IDEs on a single cable, you'll be just fine.

    Info : I have turned my Seagate IDE 80GB and my IDE Plextor DVD-RW into portable devices in combination with Scythe kama connect 2.
    I have bought new SATA devices to replace 'em.
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