32MB Buffer Harddrive, not compatible with xp pro 64bit?

I am trying to determine where a slight buffering problem is occuring with my computer.
I have a Western Digital 500Gig HD with a 32MB Buffer (cache), all tests that I performed with WD tools say that the HD is 100% FUNCTIONAL.

However, I am constantly getting delays or poor performance from my 9800gt xfx video card. I think that this 32MB buffer on the HD is causing the issues because the OS is windows xp pro 64 bit.

I dont think this OS was designed for HD's to have such a buffer. Am I correct?

The video card's cooling issues have been reduced dramatically with an overclocking of the onboard GPU fan.

Thanks in advance. If this helps I have 4 gigs of memory, dual core CPU.
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  1. did you load the operating system with all the new hardware plugged in first?

    or did you plug in / upgrade new hardware after the OS was loaded?

    If you upgrade hardware it is then a dandy idea to back up all your personal files, and do a repair install of the operating system. Or even a fresh install.
    The OS may need to re-configure for the new hardware. I have seen this happen, after the OS is re-loaded, the system runs faster. Sometimes hardware upgrades do not run as expected until the OS reconfigures.
    OK if you want to try that repair, the directions are posted in this forum, fourth post from the top.
    Another thing is just that too many programs, junk software, spyware, cookies, multiple security software, can really clog up the processor, and slow down the video response.
  2. Actually this WD hd is where the OS was freshly installed, with about 3 additional drives for other storage of stuff.

    I am pretty diligent about avoiding spyware and bloatware running in the background. I also eliminated allot of useless services from start up or running in the background.

    I use VLC media player exclusively. The OS has every available update and latest driver installed.

    It just feels like the OS just doesn't know what to do with data in the cache and then it burps it out and I get what I like to call buffer errors: video that hangs - audio/video out of sync. This is effecting my gaming now.

    In video games... 5 minutes or less into the game.. all graphics go to complete pixel hell. Even with the fan set to 85% speed. and a decently low Celsius rating of heat.

    Now I am not talking about graphic intensive games either... "Plants vrs. Zombies" started to act up terribly as of recently... so why even bother attempting: GTAIV, BF2, etc.

    In the past, to avoid the issue.. I moved some games over to the "previously" more stable drives that I have had along time. Tried playing the games from there.. and still have graphics issues.

    I am still convinced that the XP Pro 64bit OS sitting on a 32MB cache HD, does not work well with this cache.

    Hope this additional information helped.

    Any ideas?
  3. You're barking up the wrong tree.

    Look into memory.. how much? X64 can use all you have sockets or money to fill.

    DirectX... how old is it? DirectX"C" is meaningless, it has undergone huge changes over the years.

    Is the hard drive running in PIO mode? Best set for DMA (although X64 turns on DMA by default), it can still be set to PIO by who knows what means, so worth a look.

    New install? All chipset drivers installed?

    Killed an important service?

    Missing drivers in Device manager? even for a seemingly unrelated item?

    Is the hard drive SATAII running in a SATA (150Mb/s) port?

    Look around.
  4. like I said all drivers are up to date. PIO mode, no. Motherboard was flashed to latest and greatest before OS was installed. The services killed were not essential to my use of the computer nor did any mention a service that would render issues with a HD. No drivers missing in device manager.

    Is the hard drive SATAII running in a SATA (150Mb/s) port? this I will have to investigate.
    motherboard is a XFX 780i.
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