Q9300 3 GHz voltage

So I have a Q9300 at 3.00 Ghz with 400 fsb.

Currently my voltage is at "auto" in bios.

At 1.25 vcore, Prime 95 blend, Real Temp detects 80 c temperature.

That's hot I think so I put it to "auto vcore" at 3 Ghz and ran Prime 95 for a day. Still alive so stable I think.

During Prime 95 on auto vcore, CPU Z says my vcore is 1.064. My temps are mid 70s.

During games though, I get random freezes after a while like say an hour in.
Back on default vcore and fsb, 2.5 Ghz, everything is fine after an hour playing the same game.

What manual voltage should I set my Q9300 at 3 Ghz? Or where should I start?
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  1. You hate your Q9300 because you do not understand it. :)

    The problem is that each model comes in a range of VID's. Basically, that's the default standard voltage that that particular chip runs at. You have won the CPU lottery if you happen to get a chip with a low VID because it gives you more overclocking headroom to increase vcore before you run into the Intel recommended maximum of 1.3625 volts for a 45 nm CPU. Intel's recommended maximum temperature is 70 C. by the way.

    Core 2 Quad and Duo Temperature Guide

    For a starting point for overclocking:
    HOWTO: Overclock C2Q (Quads) and C2D (Duals) - Guide v1.6.1

    What I would do:

    First, replace the stock cooler if you are still using it. these are very popular and work well - if they will fit:

    Then look for a guide on overclocking your particular motherboard.

    Starting at default frequency and voltage, take voltage off AUTO. Increase the FSB by 50 MHz. Test. If it's stable, increasing freq again. Sooner or later, you will need to increase vcore. Increase it a little, say .025 volts. Test. If it's stable, increase frequency. If it's not stable, increase voltage a little more.

    Repeat until you reach your desired frequency or bump into Intel's recommended maximum limits. There's nothing wrong with exceeding Intel's limits as long as you are aware of what you are doing.

    A cookbook approach will not work because there are so many variables: CPU VID, HSF, RAM, motherboard, PSU, case.
  2. +1 to the above, especially getting a new heat sink.

    As you already have your desired 3Ghz overclock and just need to get the proper voltage, do the following:

    -Use Coretemp to locate your CPU's VID.
    -Set the VID as your vCore in the BIOS.
    -Using prime95 or another program test for stability. If you are stable, lower the vCore one setting and try again. If unstable, raise the vCore one setting and try again.
    -Once you locate the edge of stability, raise the vCore one setting and call it a day.

    This will not solve your overheating problem, only better cooling will, but it will reduce your energy consumption, increase your stability, lower your temps and increase the longevity of the chip.
  3. ^^^+1 all above !

    and MANUAL avery volts you can. By manualling volts you can reach the lowest volts on each parts. This mean less heat/lifespan for each parts. NB/SB/VTT/RAM can be the first youll manual.

    READ ALOT, learn everything you can about OCing and your mobo BIOS therm.

    Have fun :D
  4. All right people I know how to overclock but I'm experiencing technical difficulties with my Q9300.

    Therefore, I hate it.

    The problem is the vcore I set in bios is not being applied even when on full load.

    CPU-Z and BIOS both ALWAYs report the vcore is at 1.08 yet VID says the minimum vcore is 1.125 LIKE WTF.

    I want my vcore to be 1.125 BUT IT ALWAYS STAYS AT GOD DAMN 1.08.

    The problem is my CPU is not receiving the voltage it needs therefore during games, it freezes every 5 seconds.

    Something's FREAKING wrong with it and I'm pissed off at my Q9300.
  5. if you try higher Vcore like 1.2v or 1.3v and boot windows ? look at CPUz ( download latest CPUz ... )
  6. boulard83 said:
    if you try higher Vcore like 1.2v or 1.3v and boot windows ? look at CPUz ( download latest CPUz ... )

    Alright, I have the latest CPU-Z, 1.51, and I found out that I have to raise my voltage 0.08 above the voltage I want during 100% load.

    So example I want at least 1.25 during load, I set in bios 1.33.

    Turns out I experiencing "vdroop"; some safety precaution built into most motherboards. It lowers your damn voltage below something to avoid voltage spikes.

    Its a load of bull to me because games are not stable at 3.00 GHz unless I ACTUALLY have at least 1.25 vcore. THAT IS WHY I HATE MY Q9300.

    Its a small 0.5 overclock AND I'M HAVING SO MUCH FREAKING TROUBLE WITH IT.
  7. Maybe your unlucky and you have a "poor" chip ...

    1.25 isnt really that high. Its a lil high for 3.0 ghz but not by that much. My friend Q9400 run @ 3.2 with nearly the same Vcore ( 1.2235 if i remember well )
  8. Vdroop is normal, you need better cooling to get the overclock you want. 2.5Ghz to 3.0Ghz, isn't as easy as you want it to be, especially with your cooling. Try 1.35, it's within the limits, you just happen to have a chip that runs hot and loves more voltage. I have an E8400 that needs 1.36 volts for just 3.6Ghz, and nearly 1.4V for 4.05Ghz, something that some people have done with <1.3V.( And I can't run it at 4Ghz in the summer because of temps) You may have an older stepping, like what my E8400 is, the first stepping, which tends to be "more" stubborn with overclocking and requires much more voltage/makes much more heat than the newer steppings.

    Not to mention: There are other voltages other than the Vcore that you may need to change, look into them as well.

    Overall I kinda just want to say: Deal with it. Sorry but......it is what it is.

    Vdroop is technically your friend, because if you didn't have it you would probably be here complaining to us "My damn motherboard fried my Q9300, shouldn't they have some ^&*^&$* feature to stop that?!"
  9. and my EO Q9550 run 3.74 with 1.2vcore (bios) mouuhahahaha welll ... ive beeb lucky !
  10. Alright, I recently ordered a OCZ Vendetta which I read gives very good performance for the price. $33 CAD

    Also purchased another 120 mm fan from Ultra to suck in more cool air from the front of my Sonata II case.

    Hopefully my 100% load temperature will decrease from 85 c to at around 65 c.
  11. im waiting the result :D
  12. It'll come in the mail by tomorrow hopefully.
  13. I have q9300 on dfi x48 t2r. When I bought it I can run it on 3000Ghz just increase fsb of cpu on 400 fsb with default value in bios. Then later I oc on 3300Mhz but I have problem whit Kingston memory for several months of experiments.... 45nm processor have bad habit whit time Loose on voltage that's why need more voltage for stable oc on same clock. Now with new memory I keep it on 3000Mhz with voltage in bios cpu 1.312v fsb vtt 1.31v NB core 1.34v those are important settings in bios. Maybe can be more optimize in bios but who care for now.I use Core Temp0.99.4 or PCWizard they are good monitoring tools for tem. voltage or so on.Max tem is 73cel. for q9300 and 45nm cpu voltage can go up to 1.52 volt whit good cooling .What is your bios and mobo dingumuf.It is obvious your cpu is overheating in idle should be about 35C like my on this value and full load 55C depends on temperature in room.
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