Is one VelociRaptor faster than two normal raptors in RAID?

I was using two raptors in RAID. One of the raptors broke so i sent it back. They send me a new hard drive but it is the VelociRaptor. Which means i cannot use my Raptor and VelociRaptor in RAID because they are different models.

My question is, is one VelociRaptor faster than two normal raptors in RAID?
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  1. Why cannot you use your raptor and velociraptor in RAID?

    The velociraptor is alot faster than the older raptors, so i would keep it. Be glad you have gotten a more modern drive in return. Sure it'll get slowed down by your older raptor; but that was the performance level you had in the first place; so it can only improve now.
  2. I thought to use RAID you had to have two drives of the exact same model?

    Do you think its a bad idea to use an old raptor and velociraptor in raid? Would it be better to use the velociraptor alone?
  3. No you don't have to use two drives of the same model; the RAID engine can't tell the difference, only the size is important.

    However, you would be fine with using no RAID at all and just use the Velociraptor as boot disk and the older raptor as application/gaming disk or so.

    Note that you did not specify what RAID engine you were using; so i cannot comment on that.
  4. I am using RAID 0. The reason i use RAID is so my computer is faster.

    I am wondering what is going to be faster, old raptor+veloci raptor in RAID or just a velioraptor on its own?
  5. You first have to tell me what RAID engine you're using; RAID is a spec; there are thousands of implementations of it. Just like a car has thousands of different brands and models.
  6. I dont know what else to say. I boot the computer up, held CTRL+I, went into the intel matrix storage manager, create a RAID 0 volume and clicked on OK. I dont know about any other specs or settings.
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