ideas for cable management for raidmax smilodon case?

does anybody have any ideas for cable management in the raidmax smilodon case? there are some unavoidable mess with the fan wires. at least to my knowledge because i have to be able to bring down the side panel every once in a while so the wires for that are a little bit harder to hide.

i've seen people route the wire behind the mobo tray. but i don't think that is possible with this case seeing as how the mobo tray is attached to the side panel...unless i try to seperate the two. and even then i don't think the space in between is big enough for some of the cables (mainly the 24pin connector)

here are some pics of my case now:

sry about the bad photos i will take better ones soon =D

btw, if anyone has the smilodon and has a good cable setup. if you could take pictures to show me that would be much appreciated = P
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  1. Try using some cable ties.
  2. Extreme Green SMILODON

    Picture gallery to help see what they did on wiring which may help. :D

  3. thx for the responses ppl =D i may just look into how this guy with the extreme green one did it.. however because i have the 8800gtx i need to route the power cord for that to it and it sits right in front because it needs the 2x6pin connectors... but i'll try the cable ties. i'll see what i can do. thx again!
  4. I was wondering what yours turned out to be like. Here are some pictures of mine... before and after some cable management.

    I sure am enjoying mine. I hope you are enjoying yours too.
  5. Before any cable management

    After some cable management.

  6. Grubbworm said:

    I did the same thing in my case. Stuffing the extra cables in the 5.25 bay
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