Anyone removed the TIM from Rampage II Gene NB heatsink?

Just curious, has anyone removed and replaced the TIM from the Rampage II Gene's NB, in an attempt to lower the temperature of the NB? Is this really necessary? For my system I'm going to use a 40mm fan over the NB for cooling, I'm just wondering if anyone did replace the TIM on this board, with worthwhile results.

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  1. rarely worth the effort with northbridges, 90 or higher alcohol will take off whatever they used if it'll make you feel better
  2. If it's loose, definitely replace the TIM.
    Use Acetone first and then alcohol to finish off the work.
  3. It's not loose, I just wondered if it was worth putting on higher quality thermal compound to improve the temperature. I'm leaning towards not replacing it, and just putting a Thermalright HR-05 IFX or Noctua U6 on top with a fan.
  4. If it's very hot to the touch, then I would go a chipset cooler.
    You will have to remove the old heatsink to do that.
  5. I'm thinking on doing that. The stock Asus heatsink is two parts, the main part is screwed into the board and has a single heatpipe going to the area behind the CPU, then there is a part of the stock heatsink which can be un-screwed to install a water-block or third party heatsink. In effect, I think the stock heatsink is modular of sorts. I'm going to un-screw the top part of the stock heatsink and install either the HR-05 IFX or U6.
  6. if your gonna go through the trouble take the whole thing off and do it right
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