Buying new parts for my PC, need advice.

Hello, I am buying a new PC parts, and I would like some advice about how I can make my build better without spending too much extra cash. My parts are listed below. ( This is the case I have now, I also have the 500 watt PSU that comes with it, but I do not know if it is powerful enough to run this system. Moreover, the PSU only has one power cable that fits the power supply of the video card, how do I get around this? With this case, should I worry about poor air flow or overheating? )

I am getting two of the HD4850 video cards to runin crossfire. The build all together costs $1,124, I did not include a case because I already have one. I am having trouble picking out a CPU as well. the Q9300 is fast but when it comes to over clocking can I save more money and get a different processor that will perform close in speed to the q9300?

Thanks for looking.
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  1. I suggest you chose a x48 motherboad instead of p45.. why?

    If i were you i would get a q6600 with the gigabyte x48-ds4 motherboard. You better get this corsair psu for 4850 in crossfire.

    Good luck!
  2. Get a Q6600, GA-X48-DS4, 750TX, this RAM (mushkin 4GB)
    and a SATA burner (SH-S203N). Replace the HDD with a WD6400AAKS, better price/GB and speed. Add a Tuniq Tower if you overclock - I know it fits in the Smilodon and it's very good.
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