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:hello: I have the thinkpoint virus on my notebook nc10,I have tried everything I can think to get rid of it.When switching on I just have their box I cant get into browser,start etc.I tried safe mode even then box comes up too,cant close down the usual way so have to switch off power direct,cant get to hijack a log,can anyone help me please
thank you
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  1. Follow this guide to create a boot disc.

    Once that has scanned your system, you should be able to get back into windows. Then follow the malware guide in my signature, to verify that the system is clean of infections.
  2. thank you so much :love: think I have things clear now after malwarebytes there were 3 rootkit things,removed them how do I send a log to see if I really clean now.
    many thanks
  3. Malwarebytes is the first step in the guide. Did you run through the other steps? If not, you should do so.

    Once done with the malware guide steps, you can run Hijackthis, to create a log. You can upload that to a few different sites to have it analyzed.
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