RAR Corrupt Files?!

Situation: I wanted to transfer a 7gb+ iso file from my Mac to my PC. However, my thumbdrive didn't allow me to transfer such a big file due to it's format, so I split the file into 500mb parts via the Split&Concat for Mac. However, when I tried to join the parts to get the file again with the PC, some files inside the rar archive were corrupted. Their file size showed to be correct in the archive, but when opened or extracted, they were 0 bytes. I am at a loss at how to get all the files transferred properly from my Mac to my PC. Help, anyone?
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  1. Copy all of the pieces to the same folder on your PC and then double click the first piece and it should extract all of the pieces and reassemble them directly to an .iso -- when you split the archive like you did it makes a self extracting archive that will reassemble itself when extracted you don't want to try extracting just the pieces of the archive separately.
  2. Yes, that's exactly what I did. The problem lies afterward that - some of the resultant ISO's files are corrupted.
  3. Have you tested unpacking the archive on the Mac to see if it is corrupted when doing that also ? that would at least let you know if the problem was in the unpacking on the PC or with the package that was created on the MAC
  4. Can you just burn the iso to a disk and then create the iso again the PC?
  5. Can't you transfer the files via the network?
  6. Buy, get, or make a network crossover cable and network the two machines. Send the un-adulterated file to the PC from the Mac.
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